Monday, March 14, 2011

Haylee and Jamie's Wedding

Although a beautiful day was forecast for Haylee and Jamie's wedding, no one was quite prepared for just how hot it actually got! As it came time to say "I do" the temp was above 30 degrees and the sun was giving everyone it's full attention! Jamie acquired an umbrella to keep the glare from his beautiful bride and it was on with the show. Haylee was a gorgeous bride who was so easy to photograph, however Jamie had warned me that he was little uncomfortable about being in photos....I'm not sure why though! He pulled out pose after pose, wowing us all with his style in front of the lens! Well done!!! Thanks for being up for anything too and trusting me when I picked some "old, crusty" locations....sorry probably should have tried to sell them a little more....."vintage and rustic" may have sounded more appealing ;) What a wonderful way to spend my birthday  (sorry though for being a little keen to whisk myself away at the end of my day to go out for my birthday dinner!) ....Thank you Haylee and Jamie!

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