Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tara and Blake's Wedding

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tara and Blake on their wedding day. Tara, you are one of the sweetest brides every and you simply glowed with happiness and beauty on your special day. You certainly wear your feelings on your face too! I was able to capture some very funny reaction shots of you both, my favourite being you wide eyed, gasp at whatever Blake was secretly whispering in your ear!! It did get quite chilly on the photoshoot, so luckily the girls had some warm coats to snuggle up in. Once that sun dropped over the horizon it was quickly into the cars to warm up for the reception. Thank you both for a wonderful day and here's to your what I'm sure will be a life together that is just as wonderful.

 Make up: Ashlee Kennaugh, Millewa Spa    Getting Ready Venue: Millewa Spa    Ceremony: Deeluxe River Spa Apartments    Gown and Jewellery: Bridal Classics, Echuca   Transport: Rich River classic wedding cars   Reception: Radcliffe's

Come again??!!! hahaha!

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